Introduction to the Book of Hebrews

Introduction to the Book of Hebrews



Our youth Sunday school class has been going through the book of Hebrews and in the process I have put together a bible study on the book of Hebrews. This study will help you walk through the book but forces you to do the interpretation on your own.

What I have done is walked through the main sections of the book and used questions to get you engaged and thinking about the author’s main point. Then you can take that main point put it into to a theological truth and apply it to your life.

Here is an introduction to the book of Hebrews with an outline of the book at the end by Charles Ryrie from the NASB Rryrie Study Bible  


Many suggestions have been made as to who the author of Hebrews was – Paul, Barnabas, Apollos, Silas, Aquila and Priscilla and Clemet of Rome. As the theologian Origen stated only God knows who wrote Hebrews.

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Albert Mohler Ministering in A Post-Marriage Culture

Albert Mohler  Ministering In A Post Marriage Culture

Photo Credit/You Tube

Albert Mohler opened up the ERLC National Conference on “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage” This is some of what he had to say bout ministering in a post-marriage culture. Here are some highlights and you can watch the whole video of his talk below.

How Our Posture Should Be

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Love We Share Video by Bizzle Feat. Lavoisier & Datin

Love We Share Video by Bizzle

Photo Credit/You Tube

Love We Share Video by Bizzle Feat. Lavoisier & Datin the Well Wishes album!

Christian rapper Bizzle returned in 2014 with fourth album Well Wishes, a collection of expertly produced beats, countless guest stars, and lyrics addressing the rapture, devotion, and selfless spirituality.

Joining Bizzle in his relentless flow are fellow Christian rap names such as Mouthpi3ce, Eshon Burgundy, Redd Lettaz, Bumps INF, and other affiliates of Bizzle’s Texas-based record label God Over Money Records. Living up to the name and ethics of the label, 100 percent of the profits made from the album were put toward building water wells in Mozambique and other cities throughout Africa.

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Like That Tho by GS Feat. Bizzle

Like That Tho - GS Feat. Bizzle


Like That Tho by GS Feat. Bizzle!

I’M DOIN’ JESUS front man GS, is back with his sophomore album “That Real Talk 2″. After the response he received from his debut album he saw it appropriate to create a part 2. Its not a continuation of his first album (That Real Talk) you will obviously hear his growth in this project. With great production and features, this project is sure to make an impact. Its scheduled to drop Saturday November 8

Get ready!!!

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UnderDog by Still Diligent Free Download

UnderDog by Still Diligent Free Download


Photo Credit/ Sound Cloud

Underdog by Still Diligent Free Exclusive Mixtape!

Still Diligent is a Hip Hop artist from Miami Florida with an act for combining introspective rap lyrics with melodic harmonies to give it a fresh sound. With a brand new team behind him HPTP records, Still Diligent is ready to take the scene by storm.

When he is not on stage rocking crowds for the lord, Still Diligent is at his local church serving on the praise and worship team with his wife.

Listen to the full project below feat: Loso, Witness, Dillon Chase, B-Les, Datin B Cooper & More!

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Lone Wolf by Tragic Hero Free Download



Photo Credit/Sound Cloud


Lone Wolf by Tragic Hero Free Download!

Tragic Hero supplies another head nodding Wes Pendleton track filled with insightful social commentary.

With recent features on chart topping album release like Swoope’s “Sinema” and Canon’s “Loose Canon Vol. 2″, Tragic Hero has been gearing up for his upcoming release and tour (The Resistance Tour).

Leading up to the tour, Tragic Hero will be releasing new material for a series he calls #InTheMeanTime. These tracks will be available for free download.

Download Lone Wolf by Tragic Hero!



Quarter Quell – Selah the Corner ft. Gemstones & Redd Lettaz

Quarter Quell - Selah the Corner ft. Gemstones & Redd Lettaz

Photo Credit/Facebook

Quarter Quell by Selah the Corner ft. Gemstones & Redd Lettaz

Track leak from Selah the Corner’s upcoming project ‘Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn’. They killed it with this Hunger Games Battle Rap theme! It’s grimmy, futuristic and str8 fire!

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Benjamin Trillington – Social Club

Benjamin Trillington - Social Club














Photo Credit/Facebook 

Benjamin Trillington – Social Club

Social Club has done it again on this hard hitting, funky beat!

Download Benjamin Trillington Now! 

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Speak – Yaves Ft. Swoope

Speak - Yaves ft. Swoope

 Photo Credit/

Speak – Yaves Ft. Swoope

Yaves drops Speak featuring Swoope from the ‘Favor Over Fury’ album. They killed it on this one! Speak The Word Young Man.

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Let Your Light Shine – Gemstones ft. Adia

Let Your Light Shine - Gemstones

 Photo Credit/ Facebook 

Another Gem!

Let Your Light Shine by Gemstones feat. Adia. Turn this up LOUD! This is a new song to be released off his upcoming album. Can’t wait!

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